Dispute Resolution

Disputes are an unwelcome, but somewhat inevitable part of doing business.

A key part of our capability lies is analysing an early stage dispute for the relative strength of our client’s position, and subsequently devising a dispute strategy based on this assessment. Our focus is to resolve disputes at an early stage with minimal expenditure of time and money using negotiations and ADR mechanisms such as mediation. However, if a dispute remains unresolved at this early stage, we will go on to provide you with multiple options for resolution, along with a recommendation on options that provide you with the most acceptable business resolution. This advice will also take into account the requirements of insurance policies, if any.

We firmly believe that barring special circumstances, disputes are an inefficient use of time, money and management effort that could be better expended in growing a business. Hence, our objective is to assist our clients in resolving disputes in the manner that is most advantageous and efficient them. Our experience in dispute resolution ranges from small single plaintiff complaints to high value commercial and regulatory disputes with international media attention and significant reputation risk.

Our capabilities

  • Claims analysis and risk assessment
  • Dispute resolution strategy
  • Early stage negotiated dispute resolution/mediation
  • Insurance advisory