General Commercial

We advise major corporations and other entities on the business contracts that underpin their day to day commercial activities.

Our constant endeavour is to provide clients with contracts that are context relevant, appropriately reflect the underlying commercial transaction and accurately reflect their risk management frameworks and the regulatory environment. We also leverage the knowledge gained from working inside major corporations to while drafting and negotiation contracts.

Our experience ranges across sectors such as automotive components, alcoholic beverages, food products and medical devices to technology products and temporary staffing agencies. We work on all types of commercial contracts and the values of the transactions we have handled range from a few thousand dollars/lakhs of rupees to many millions of dollars/crores of rupees.

Our context aware and proactive approach to contracting has allowed us to win on-going mandates from large businesses looking for a law firm that has a business centric approach while still getting the legal requirements right.

Our capabilities

  • Contracts for supply of raw materials, components and other procurement activities
  • Logistics and supply chain contracts
  • Sales channel contracts – distribution, franchising, commission agents
  • Design and architects services
  • Joint ventures and technology licenses
  • Standard form vendors contracts