Mani Chengappa & Mathur

We are a technology focused law firm based in Bangalore.

We specialise in advising Indian and international businesses of all sizes.

We combine our deep understanding of the law, our passion for technology and our appreciation of business realities in advising clients buying or selling all types of technology offerings across all segments of the economy. Our work ranges from complex licensing models for SaaS providers to advising on adoption of new technology centric products and offerings in regulated businesses to setting up and running data centres to old-school, full-fledged IT and BPO outsourcing and most things in between.

A lot of the most interesting technologies are being developed in start-ups. The entrepreneurs who run these start-ups have many demands on their time and they typically look for law firms that can service all of their legal requirements. Our start-up practice provides this one stop approach. We regularly advise entrepreneurs on early stage capital raising, founders arrangements, employment law, intellectual property strategy, ESOPs, licensing, privacy, distribution and franchising arrangements, outsourced product/content development and dispute resolution.

The most important resource in any business is the people who work for the business. As the world transitions to a knowledge economy, attracting and retaining the best talent is the key to success. We regularly advise clients on all aspects of employment law including hiring, compensation programmes, ESOPs, employment policies and practices, regulatory advisory, employee welfare, discipline and terminations.

All of our experience with technology, start-ups, employment law, intellectual property and general commercial law means that we can provide investors and acquirers with representation that is holistic. We work with a select number of angel, seed and venture capital investors on investments into all types of technology start-ups. We also provide pro-bono support to an Indian technology focussed think tank as it seeks to build an ecosystem in which technology entrepreneurship is encouraged and thrives.

We specialise in the following areas

We blend our legal skills with deep knowledge of business operations and risk management frameworks to provide clients with advice and representation that is practical and tailored to their unique needs while being legally sound. With years of experience advising stakeholders ranging from the board of directors and executive management through sales, human resources, research and development to the CIO organisation, we make legal advice accessible and useable.


Our Evolution

The firm was founded in 2012 by Samuel Mani, Utham Chengappa and Neil Mathur, who immediately prior to establishing the firm, served as the three senior most lawyers at Infosys Limited for nearly a decade, during which time the company grew from US$ 700 million to US$ 7 billion in revenues. They developed their unique blend of legal, business and risk management skills serving as advisors to the business leadership of Infosys during this high growth phase. It is this experience which is now being put to use to advice a range of clients on a variety of matters across practice areas. The firm’s clients range from entrepreneurs who are beginning their business journeys to Fortune 500 companies and span a diverse set of industries from technology products through medical devices and textiles to consumer products.