Employment Law

As the global economy transitions from the industrial economy to the knowledge economy, attracting and retaining the best human capital has never been more important.

The best people with the best capabilities find themselves is such high demand across the globe that all entities whether not for profits or young companies or multi-national companies are finding that the traditional models are no longer sufficient. In the ever important endeavour to attract and retain the best human talent, employers have to think very carefully about managing every aspect of the employment relationship in order to be successful.

This combined with increasing regulatory supervision and greater awareness amongst employees of their rights, means that employers have to put an appropriate legal structure in place around their employment relationships.

We understand the impact of employment issues on the management, operations and finances of businesses. We regularly advice clients of all sizes on issues relating to regulatory compliance, compensation, policy frameworks, performance management, employee relations, employee discipline and work place harassment.

Our capabilities

  • Regulatory compliance advisory
  • Drafting and reviewing employment policies and benefits
  • Drafting and reviewing employment agreements and confidentiality/IP assignment arrangements
  • ESOPs and other compensation structures
  • Work place training on harassment, anti-bribery and other compliance issues
  • Contentious issue advisory and handling
  • Complex regulation driven change management initiatives
  • Internal investigations and disciplinary proceedings